About me

I am deeply passionate about creating holistic experiences and improving accessibility through design and technology.

Before starting my career in UX design, I have gained experiences in diverse areas in graphic design, business, and beyond. I am comfortable with fast-changing and complex situations. With my 10+ years of experience in full-time employment, running businesses, and freelancing, I can quickly understand the matter, connect the dots, prioritize and adjust my approach to get the desired outcome.

With UX design, I finally find myself in the right place. All the experiences and skills I have gained become my unique superpower and make me a better designer and human. I am skilled in conceptualizing and communicating the value of design. I am experienced in balancing business and user needs. I value being an empathic designer and listener for both the user and the team.

As a lifelong learner and a person with unlimited curiosity in knowledge and people, I love to help organizations and businesses solve the right problem and thrive in the future.


Business Understanding
Problem Solving

Research & Testing
Visual Design


Figma, Adobe XD, Sketch
Adobe CS, Maze, Miro
Useberry, Whimsical
Optimal workshop

Slack, Zoom, Loom
Google Sheet, Doc, Meet
Microsoft Word


AI & Machine learning
Strategic Design

+ everything I don't know


I am fluent in
English, German,
and Chinese.

A brief overview of my unique experiences:

Design experience for people

From 2012 to 2017 I was organizer and co-founder of one of the best design fairs in Hamburg with thousands of visitors per day. I have worked with hundreds of exhibitors, challenged myself with running an event business, and gained deep experience in creating fluent digital, spatial, and sensational experiences for visitors.

Understanding the business & the customers

COHE started as a side project in 2014 because I was always fascinated by industrial design. I was fortunate to get many press releases in design and lifestyle magazines through the time of COHE. More importantly, I gained precious experience as a business owner in balancing the customer's and the business's needs, and why empathy is crucial in product design.

Visualize information

Although I had experience in diverse areas in graphic design, understanding and visualizing information is what I am most enthusiastic about. For me, the most fascinating part is understanding the information architecture or even create a new one. It feels meaningful when the information becomes more accessible and understandable to people.